Where Is the Best Place To Buy A Cell Phone?


Smartphones have conquered the world in a little over two decades, and today, our lives are unimaginable without them. You can buy them at every corner (both physically and online), and the prices range from as little as $20 to over a staggering $100,000.


Best Place To Buy A Cell Phone


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast choice and not know where to begin looking for your next phone. Here are some of the best places to start with.

Check With Your Carrier First:


Your phone carrier will certainly not be the most affordable option, but it’s the safest one.


First of all, you can rest assured that your phone will work with your carrier. Next, you know you will get a quality device and not have to worry about any shady business.


Finally, these phones usually come with a warranty, which is something you certainly won’t get if you buy a used phone.


The best thing about carriers is that they often offer hefty discounts to new customers as well as their loyal pre-existing customers. If you’ve been a customer for a while now, be sure to ask your carrier if you qualify for any discounts.


If you want peace of mind, your carrier is the best way to go.


Shop At Online Retailers:


When shopping at online stores, you need to be extra careful, especially if you’re looking for used phones. A general rule of thumb is to go for trusted, big-name brands that offer a certain level of buyer protection.


So Craigslist is a no-no because it’s the Wild West of online marketplaces. If you don’t want to get scammed, look for seller ratings and reviews, as well as other methods to protect the buyer.


Here are some of the best places to shop for cell phones online:




Amazon is the king of online shopping, so it’s not surprising that you can find the best phone deals here.


The best thing about Amazon is that you get an immensely diverse choice of sellers and resellers, including big-name manufacturers themselves as well as numerous third parties.


Whether you’re looking for a used or new phone, you’ll probably be able to find it on Amazon. Most devices come with free shipping as well, so this makes it extremely convenient.


However, if you’re looking for a freshly launched model of a smartphone of your choice, you probably won’t be able to find it on Amazon immediately.




If you’re interested in buying a used device, eBay is another great option to check out. It has a large selection of phones at various prices.


Many of the used phones that are sold on eBay come from well-known refurbishing companies. These companies buy old phones and refurbish them which makes them as good as new.


Of course, there are also many regular Joes who want to sell their old or outdated phones here. So it’s important to check all the details about the buyer and the phone before making the purchase.


Best Buy


This is a well-known electronics retailer which is an authorized reseller for some of the biggest carriers, which says a lot about their reliability.


Best Buy sells a wide variety of phones, from the newest, cutting-edge models to inexpensive models for those on a tight budget.


Unlike at Amazon, at Best Buy, the newest models arrive right after they are released.


Another amazing thing about this retailer is the fact that you can order the phone online and pick it up at your local Best Buy shop if it’s more convenient for you to do so.




Gazelle is a sales company that sells used phones, and you can even find the latest models here at much lower prices.


What makes this website better than many other platforms where you can shop for used goods is the fact that you’re buying directly from Gazelle. This means you don’t have to worry about shady sellers and scammers.


They check each individual device to see if it functions properly and then price it based on its condition. You even get a 30-day guarantee.




Swappa is another website where users can buy and sell used phones. The site doesn’t allow people to sell broken or stolen devices. They ask for photos of powered-on phones with listing codes next to them and check all listings before they put any device up for sale.


In order to protect their buyers and sellers alike, Swappa uses PayPal for payments. All in all, Swappa is a great mediator between buyers and sellers, which strives to protect both parties involved.


Hunt For Discounts and Coupons At Non-Obvious Places:


Best Place To Buy A Cell Phone


If you’re truly thrifty, you know that coupons and various discount offers can shave a substantial amount off the original price of your device.


You can find many of these on various coupon sites and use them at either online shops or your local stores.


Supermarkets and department stores are other places that don’t exactly come to mind first when you think about shopping for electronics. However, no matter where you live, if you keep track of your local stores’ discount offers, you could bag a real bargain!


For example, If you live in the US, you should check Target or Walmart offers, while UK consumers could take advantage of a hefty John Lewis discount code for electronics. The point is, you can save lots of money if you shop smart.


The Question Is Often Not Where But When:


If you want a great phone at a great price, sometimes, finding one is not a matter of where you buy it but at what time.


For example, if you want the penultimate model in a series, you should wait about a month after the newest model’s launch. That’s usually when retailers start offering them at much lower prices.


Furthermore, certain times of the year are much better for shopping in general, such as the Christmas season, when there are huge discounts on everything. If you don’t like the holiday crowds, you can always shop online.


Of course, there’s always Black Friday, but make sure to shop wisely and be fast because your preferred model may sell out quickly.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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