Best Paraphrasing Apps And Tools For Android Users


Many writers work on the go with their phones and laptops. So, which paraphrasing tools should they look out for?


Best Paraphrasing Apps


Paraphrasing is the process of rewording or recreating existing content to garnish it with additional originality and integrity. However, it’s not always easy because paraphrasing requires time, and it can be a stressful process. Especially if the work has a high word count.


That’s when paraphrasing tools can be used to help writers recreate their desired content. These AI-based tools can help writers create content in a different tone and help them to present it in a diverse way. However, using these tools requires you to have a laptop or desktop computer at all times.


Or, do they? Since mobile phones are becoming an extensive accessory for writers, it’s only fitting that programmers and developers make paraphrasing apps for mobile phone users.


However, picking the right mobile phone app poses the same challenge as it would on a desktop computer.


But, don’t worry, we got you. So, let’s get started.

Finding The Best Tools


The best tools for anything come at a cost, or do they? Most mobile phone tools for writers offer paid programs or in-app purchases. That’s why finding tools that stand out with their free offerings can be a challenge.


However, some of them can be free, and that’s the first thing for which to look. The second thing to look for is their assistance with creating original content. Do these paraphrasers help you rewrite quality content? Moreover, do they help you get rid of plagiarism?


So, you need to keep those things in mind when looking for android-based paraphrasing tools.


5 Best Paraphrasers For Android Phones


Paraphrasing tools on android or computers need to do their job correctly. This means that there should be no grammatical mistakes or robotic content tones.


This is an area in which many paraphrasing tools struggle, and they can make the content sound unnatural.


That’s why one of the vital things to which we tended, when making this list, was ensuring paraphrasing quality. So, if you wish to use your phone to paraphrase short chunks of content or full-fledged blog posts, these will be ideal.


Now, without further delay, here are the 5 best paraphrasers for android users:


  • Seotoolscentre



Seotoolscentre is one of the leading providers of writing tools today. So, it’s only fitting that their android paraphraser tops this list. It works flawlessly and allows you to import documents from Google Drive or upload them.


This is incredibly convenient for writers who wish to work on the go. Moreover, the generous 5000 word limit for free-registered users is also remarkable. More importantly, using it doesn’t diminish the quality of your content.


Free Use: Yes

Content Tone: Four different types

Word Limit: 5000


  • Machinewrites’ Tool

Machinewrites Tool

Machinewrites’ Tool is an essential tool for paraphrasers on android. It has a remarkable app with a 5000-word limit. The tool is relatively easy to download and doesn’t require sign-up for free use.


However, signing up can be necessary if you wish to use all your 5000 words a day limit. This is one reason it’s a remarkable app for writers today.


Free Use: Yes/Sign-Up required

In-App Purchases: None

Content Tone: Three different types

Word Limit: 5000 a day





The is a tool that also contains a paraphrasing app to paraphrase sentences. This rephraser helps you completely revamp your content without any hassle because it entirely changes your content’s landscape.


On top of that, this paraphraser spins existing content quite comprehensively. Which makes it a great paraphrasing tool.


Free Use: Yes

In-App Purchases: None

Content Tone: Varying

Word Limit: Unknown


  • Editpad



Editpad has become one of the leading plain and rich text editors for Android users because of the mobile-friendliness of its website.


However, its paraphrasing tool isn’t too far behind in the world of rephrasing tools. You can access this paraphrasing tool easily through any android phone browser.


While it doesn’t offer any tone-changing options, the paraphrased content itself comes out remarkable.


So, it checks all the list of Android-based paraphrasers you need to look for, including free use, convenience, and content quality. Moreover, the word limit on Editpad is limitless, so make sure you utilize that properly.


Free Use: Yes

In-App Purchases: No

Content Tone: Simple

Word Limit: Unlimited


  • Paraphraz’s Paraphraser


Paraphraz's Paraphraser

Paraphraz’s paraphraser has become a remarkable tool in any writer’s arsenal. This is one of the best paraphrasers in general. While the content quality isn’t on par with the other paraphrasers, it does a great job rewriting content.


However, the lack of a mobile phone app might prove inconvenient, much like EditPad. However, it does the job and provides remarkable paraphrasing abilities through the mobile browser.


Free Use: Yes

In-App Purchases: No App

Content Tone: Four options

Word Limit: 5000 (Presumably)


Benefits Of Android Paraphrasers


Using an Android paraphrasing tool has many benefits, including the mobile nature of these programs. But, to break it down for your understanding, here are four essential benefits of paraphrasing tools on Android:


  • Quick Paraphrasing


Android paraphrasing tools can be remarkably quick compared to their desktop counterpart. One of the reasons behind it is the nimble nature of their application, which allows them to operate quickly.


  • Work On The Go


For writers, working on the move is essential today. While laptops allow them to do just that, nothing helps as much as fitting your work inside your pocket. That’s where mobile paraphrasers help them work on the go, without carrying a laptop.


  • Cloud Storage


One of the significant offerings of any such paraphrasing tool is that they allow you to drag your files from cloud storage. This means that you can use your content from online platforms without copying it from your computer.


  • Share Right Away


The aforementioned paraphrasing tools on Android will allow you to import your files in PDF or Doc format once you’re done paraphrasing. It makes for quick and convenient sharing without any delays.




Using paraphrasing tools on android phones can be very convenient for writers. Using the tools mentioned above can elevate your craft and help you write better.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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