Best No Texting While Driving Apps For Android And iOS


The best no texting while driving apps for Android and iOS are:

  • Cellcontrol
  • Drive Safe Mode
  • Lifesaver
  • OneTap



Smartphone technology has been expanding at a rapid rate. We have an abundance of smartphones with lots of different features to choose from.


As a result of this, smartphone addiction has become a big problem in society today. Smartphone addiction is the main reason why distracted driving is so prominent in our society.

Texting And Driving Statistics:


Distracted driving is responsible for approximately 25% of all motor vehicle accidents that involve fatalities. The majority of distracted driving accidents that occur are among teenage drivers.


According to CNBC, driver distraction is responsible for over 58% of teen accidents. There were 391,000 injuries which were caused by distracted driving accidents in 2015.


In 2016, distracted driving was cited as the main factor claiming 3,450 lives. Every day 9 people in the U.S. die as a result of accidents which were caused by distracted drivers, according to the DMV.


After an accident occurs it can be difficult to determine whether or not distracted driving was responsible for the accident.


As a result of this, it’s widely believed that the number of fatalities, crashes, and injuries caused by distracted driving are under-reported.


Texting And Driving Are Illegal:


Texting And Driving StatisticsSource:


Despite knowing the dangers involved with distracted driving. Many people continue to use their smartphones while driving even though it’s prohibited in many stated in the U.S.


In this blog post, I will tell you about some apps you can use which will encourage you to avoid using your phone while driving.


The Best No Texting While Driving Apps:







This app was designed for parents and business owners who would like to monitor and control what type of smartphone activities are not allowed while someone is driving.


Cellcontrol will block the targeted phone from sending or receiving text messages while they are driving. Other smartphone features will also be disabled while the car is in motion.


For example, the person using the targeted phone will not be able to access the camera or their emails. If they deactivate or remove the program from the phone, you will be notified via email or text message. Cellcontrol is available on Android and iOS.


Drive Safe Mode


Best No Texting While Driving Apps For Android And iOS 1


The Drive Safe Mode app will prevent the person using the targeted phone from emailing and texting while driving.


This app will give you the ability to monitor and control the apps/features on the targeted phone that are responsible for distracted driving.


Whether the person using the targeted phone starts using Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Texting, Emailing or using any other app while driving. You will be notified immediately. Drive Safe Mode is available on Android and iOS.




Best No Texting While Driving Apps For Android And iOS 2

This is another great app which prevents distracted driving. Once Lifesaver has been installed on the targeted phone, the phone will automatically lock when the car is in motion.


If you own or manage a company that has drivers who are working on your behalf.


You can invite them to install the app on their phone and you can monitor their smartphone activities while they are driving via the Fleet Portal in Lifesaver. The Lifesaver app is available on Android and iOS.






This app was designed to prevent distracted driving, it works by silencing the notifications on your phone while your driving.


If you’re connected with your friends and relatives on OneTap and you’re going to text someone, the app will let you know whether or not the person is driving.


OneTap has a feature called Driver Mode, when you turn this feature on you will have to input your destination. Or the amount of time it will take you to arrive at your destination.


If someone tries to contact you while Driver Mode is turned on, the app will let them know when they can expect you to respond. OneTap is only available on Android.


This concludes my list of the best no texting while driving apps. If you’re the parent of a teenager you need to think long and hard before giving them a phone. You can refer to Should Kids Have Cell Phones for more information.


If you have any comments or questions, or if you have any experience using any of these apps. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.




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