Best Navigation Apps For iPhone & Android Turn By Turn


The best navigation apps on the market offer great turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates, bicycle routes, as well as access to offline maps. I will tell you what are the best apps for iPhone and Android that offers great turn-by-turn navigation.


Whether you’re looking for an app that offers the best offline maps or the quickest route to get to your destination, you will be able to find what you’re looking for right here.


Best Navigation Apps

Best Navigation Apps For iPhone & Android:


  • Google Maps
  • CoPilot GPS
  • Waze
  • Komoot
  • inRoute Route Planner


Google Maps


Google MapsGoogle Maps is a popular app that’s been around for many years and many people rely on Google Maps to help them get to their destinations.


When you open Google Maps and you tap the navigate icon located at the bottom of the display screen on the right and you enter your destination the app will provide you with multiple routes to get to your destination from your current location.


If you’re looking for entertainment you can tap the “Explore nearby” located at the bottom of the display screen and you will be provided with a list of the best user rated bars, restaurants, night clubs, malls, and more.


There’s a filter that gives you the ability to input how long you are willing to walk or drive to get to your destination and you can search within that criteria.


You also have the ability to search for places within your route, if you’re looking for a particular restaurant, gas station, coffee shop, store, or any other places that you may need to go to, you can add it to your current route.


You will receive excellent turn-by-turn directions and the search function is great it will provide you with predictions based on your past searches as well as auto-suggestions.


When you’re on your way the app will be constantly checking the speed of alternate routes and it will provide you with options to switch to a faster route when they are available.


If you plan on navigating without a data connection, you have the ability to save Google Maps for offline use.


The maps will be saved with voice directions, however, the maps will expire after 30 days so you must refresh it after 30 days if you would like to keep it up to date.


Google Maps also provides great directions if your walking or taking public transportation.


Android users have the ability to mark locations and routes on custom maps in a web browser and save them to My Maps and they can be accessed in the smartphone app.


Google Maps is a free app that comes preloaded on Android, and it can be downloaded on iOS.


CoPilot GPS


CoPilot GPS

CoPilot GPS is a great app that provides maps and gives you the ability to get accurate turn-by-turn navigation offline.


This may be a good solution for someone who has limited data who would prefer not to use their data while navigating.


You will only have to download the maps once, it’s best to do this over a Wi-Fi internet connection because you will use up quite a bit of data if you don’t.


After downloading the maps you will be able to get turn-by-turn voice directions, use Google-powered search to save new addresses or places while you’re offline.


The user interface is very user-friendly and it will provide you with lane guidance when you’re driving on the highway.


If you make a wrong turn or miss your exit, the rerouting feature will help you to get back on the right path.


The app will keep track of your speed and when you’re approaching the speed limit it will warn you and it will also notify you of speed camera locations.


This is a paid app, 12 months of ActiveTraffic is included in the price, this feature will help you to find the fastest routes based on live traffic info.


CoPilot GPS is a robust offline navigation app that will show you your next turns, overall route, and ETA.


The great thing about this is, it’s offline so it does not use as much of your battery’s resources.


This is a great solution for anyone who regularly drives in places where there is a weak internet connection or no internet at all.


CoPilot GPS starts at $9.99 and it’s available on Android and iOS you can download it at





Waze is a great navigation app that has lots of features and it does a great job providing traffic alerts.


This app provides accurate traffic information because it crowd-sources information from many drivers who use the app.


Waze is extremely user-friendly, the map interface shows icons for road closures, hazards, accidents, speed cameras, as well as police officers who are waiting for people who are exceeding the speed limit.


This is useful information that all drivers will appreciate when driving. If you’re on a route that has lots of traffic ahead you will see red lines on the map.


These red lines will show you how much traffic there is and the app will automatically provide an alternative route with less traffic.


If you’re driving and you see traffic somewhere you can notify other Waze users about the traffic so they can take an alternate route.


There’s a great feature that gives you the ability to add a note and a photo and you can let other Waze users know whether the traffic is on your side or the other side of the road.


The search feature in the app works with addresses and places and it suggests places based on your previous entries as well as your location.


You also have the ability to navigate to public transportation, shops, restaurants, car services and more via Google and Foursquare.


Upon selecting your destination, Waze will provide alternate routes you can take and it will remember preferred routes after you drive them several times.


You can also create a Planned Drive, to do this you will enter the time and date you need to arrive at your destination and Waze will recommend the best time for you to leave.


The app also provides a convenient way for you to send your ETA by text, email, or WhatsApp to your contacts.


You can also sync your phone calendars and Facebook. If you do this, your upcoming events will appear in the list of navigation options.


When you’re driving the app provides useful turn-by-turn voice navigation, this is great because it allows you to keep your eyes on the road.


You will receive extremely accurate, up-to-date traffic information and if there’s traffic ahead you will be provided with an alternate route to get you around the traffic.


Waze is a free app that’s available for Android and iOS you can download it on





Komoot is a comprehensive navigation app that provides great turn-by-turn navigation as well as a wide range of North American mountain trails and bike paths, with maps for biking and hiking routes close by.


Komoot’s database is built from data that was collected from users to suggest the best trails for different fitness levels as well as open-source info.


The maps that provide turn-by-turn directions can also work offline you will also be provided with factors such as surface, difficulty, distance, and elevation along a particular route.


While you’re navigation, the user interface will show your pace as well as the distance you’ve traveled and the remaining distance.


There is a free and a paid version of this app. The first map which provides you with voice directions is free.


But after that maps will cost about $3.99 for one region (a county or city), it will cost $29.99 for the All-Regions package.


The All-Regions package includes U.S., Canada, and most of Europe as well as some countries in Asia.


When you take trips with Komoot it will learn your usage habits and recommend trails to suit your fitness level.


Komoot is a great app for active people who enjoy biking and hiking. The price starts at $3.99 and it goes up to $29.99 it’s available on Android and iOS.


inRoute Route Planner


inRoute Route PlannerinRoute Route Planner is a great navigation app that provides great turn-by-turn directions and works well for multi-stop, non-direct trips.


There’s a free version and a paid version, the free version gives you the ability to plan a route with as many as five stops via the map interface.


You can put pins on places that you would like to go to on the map and the app will find the best routes.


There’s a nice search feature that gives you the ability to look for places of interest such as bars, night clubs, restaurants, gas stations, etc within a certain distance from you or at intervals along the way.


You can modify when and where you drive based on extra info gathered from live-updated weather condition charts.


You will also get info about the elevation and curviness of the various parts of the route.


The paid plan starts at $14.99, this plan gives you the ability to add up to 25 stops. However, if that’s not enough you can choose the Pro plan for $29.99 that gives you up to 100 stops as well as the amount of time you would like to stop at each location.


There’s an optimization feature that gives you the ability to modify the order of your stops to ensure that you get the fastest most fuel-efficient routes.


This is a great app but it does not provide traffic reports or offline maps. So if those two things are important to you then you should consider one of the other apps on this page.


You can make a looping route that goes to various places before coming back to the place you started, you can add rest stops as well.


However, you must become a paid member to get directions and the app will only give you one route.


Nevertheless, you can export your route to another navigation app once you become a paying member.


inRoute Route Planner is not available on iOS but not on Android.


This concludes my list of the best navigation apps for iPhone & Android if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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