Best Mobile Network Carrier In America Is Verizon


Verizon still offers the best mobile network service for overall quality, based on a new report. America’s biggest consumer wireless company placed first by winning all six categories (with one tie) in the second half of 2018, according to mobile evaluator RootMetrics.

Best Mobile NetworkBest Mobile Network Carrier:


Verizon finished in the first place for best network overall, speed, reliability, calling, and data connections. RootMetrics stated that one year earlier, Verizon and AT&T were tied for the first place for texting.


This was the 11th consecutive overall win for Verizon in the RootMetrics mobile performance testing, these are released twice per year.


AT&T and T-Mobile tied for second place in the second half of 2018, and Sprint finished in the fourth place.


These results came at a critical time because the four major carriers are all focused on rolling out their 5G networks.


However, 5G networks will not be available until later this year and we will not have nationwide 5G coverage until 2020 or 2021.


Sprint and T-Mobile will be merging in an attempt to improve their network. The deal was recently approved by New York state authorities. However, they are still waiting for federal approval.


RootMetrics testing methods are different from the other firms such as OpenSignal and Ookla which perform these types of tests.


OpenSignal and Ookla’s ratings are based on crowdsourced speed tests which are performed by customers using free apps on their phones.


T-Mobile came in first in OpenSignal’s latest download speed rankings, even though it was tied with Verizon and passed by Verizon in some of the other categories.


RootMetrics is a unit of IHS Markit which conducts its tests via professionals driving throughout the country.


3.9 million tests have been conducted by its surveyors who have driven more than 230,000 miles as well as checking almost 8,000 indoor locations to compile their latest rankings.


RootMetrics has also ranked its carriers in six categories for each of the 125 major metropolitan areas. Verizon has won the most awards by far, an amazing 667 awards.


Verizon is followed by AT&T with 349 awards, then T-Mobile with 323 awards, and Sprint with 80 awards.


For the fastest network speeds, Verizon (VZ, +0.67%) had the majority of cities where download speeds averaged a minimum of 20 megabits per second. And 111 out of 125 reaching the minimum speed.


T-Mobile (TMUS, +1.67%) had 102, AT&T (T, +0.27%) had 98, and Sprint (S, +3.19%) had 55.


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