Best iPhone Tricks And Hacks That Make The iPhone Awesome


It’s amazing how popular iPhones have become. Both consumers and businesses use iPhones because they are great phones. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best iPhone tricks that you probably don’t know about.

Best iPhone Tricks And Hacks:

Best iPhone Tricks And Hacks


Despite how popular these devices are, there are still features that many people don’t know about. Today we are going to cover some of the features that simply make the iPhone awesome.


Charge Faster With Flight Mode:


Charge Faster With Flight Mode

Even with the lightning cable, iPhones can take a little bit of time to charge. They are quick, but not instantaneous. Want your iPhone to charge faster?


By putting on flight mode/airplane mode, your iDevice will charge faster. The system is using less of its features and using less of the battery’s resources while it’s charging.


You Can Set Your Vibration:


You Can Set Your Vibration

Under the ringtone and vibration section of your phone, you can scroll down and make your own vibration pattern.


Tap create new vibration and you will be brought to a screen where your taps are recorded.


Make the beat of your favorite song or favorite door knock.



Use Your Face To Unlock Your Phone:


You Can Set Your Vibration

One of the features that were announced with the most recent models of the iPhone is the ability to unlock your phone with your face.


The front-facing camera analyzes your face and makes sure that you are the registered owner of the phone before unlocking it. No need to input a passcode or move your finger to find the fingerprint scanner.


Use Your Headphones To Trigger A Photo Capture:


Use Your Headphones To Trigger A Photo Capture

Taking photos with your phone is one of the reasons we all have smartphones. Sometimes you don’t want to spend the time to open up the camera app or even touch your phone at all to take a photo.


What about when taking a group photo? Everyone wants to be in it. Use your headphones (wired or wireless) to trigger the shutter on the camera. All you need to do is use the volume button.


Limit App Access To The Internet (And Your Data)


Limit App Access To The Internet (And Your Data)

Under the settings app, you can find a section called Mobile Data/Cellular Data. Mobile Data is where you can turn your data access on and off.


It’s also where you can slide a switch for each app, denying it access to your data.


If app access to your data plan is turned off, it can’t use the internet when you aren’t connected to wifi.



The iPhone Doesn’t Have An Undo Button But…


The iPhone Doesn’t Have An Undo Button But…

On your computer, you can use the undo button to get rid of mistakes?


On an iPhone, this button isn’t present. However, you can shake your iPhone to undo text that you have already written.


Just make sure not to shake your iPhone while upset and typing. You might accidentally erase everything you have written.


Get A Detailed Phone Signal Reading:


Get A Detailed Phone Signal Reading

A phone signal bar at the top of the screen is a rough estimate of how much reception your phone has.


When you want to have a great phone call or watch HD video, it is important to find the best signal area.


Typing *3001#12345#* into your phone’s dialer will bring up a back-end menu that displays the actual signal reading from your phone’s antenna.



The Redial Button Is Not Gone:


The Redial Button Is Not Gone

Many people have thought that the redial button is gone. Instead of having a redial button on the keypad, there is a different way to call your last dialed number.


Press the green call button without dialing anything and you will call back your last dialed number.




Access Your Phone’s Trackpad:


Touch input is really nice for most phone applications but sometimes you want to have a finer control level. Hard press the keyboard and it will go grey. As soon as the keys are greyed out, you will have trackpad access.


It is important to note that there is a difference between a soft touch and a hard touch. A soft touch will get you a magnifying glass while a hard touch will get you the trackpad.


Show Delivery Times For Each Message:


On older versions of iOS, you were able to see the delivery time of each message simply by looking at your text history. However, things have changed a bit.


If you would like to see that information now, you must right swipe when you’re in a conversation thread. Now you can find out exactly how long you have been waiting for a reply from your friends.


Make Siri Smarter:


Siri is a great tool, but it comes with a stock system that you must customize to be able to use it the way you would like to. There are many things you can do with Siri to make it better.


One of the first things you should do is teach it your family tree. You can connect contact names with relations such as dad and mom. That way you can tell Siri to call your dad or mom, and she will!


It is also possible to teach Siri to pronounce words properly. Just say: That’s not how you pronounce…


These are just two of the things that you can do to customize Siri. Once it’s been customized, you will have better interactions with your phone.


Your Phone Can Be A Level:


Buying a professional level can be expensive. You already own one of the best gadgets in the world that can be used as a level, take the sensors inside and use it as a level.


There are many free apps on the app store that can turn your iPhone into a level. There are also some other tools that you can use your phone as, via an app.


Take A Photo While Recording:


Did you know that you can take a photo while you are recording? When you are recording, the shutter button will still be there, just moved off to the side.


You can press that at any time and it will take a photo while the movie continues to record.


Want An Uber? Ask Siri


Siri is good at many things, one of those is getting you an Uber. Your Uber account can be integrated into Siri so you can ask her to get you an Uber home, and she’ll do it. Want an Uber X instead? Simply tell her that.


Hide Those Secret Photos:


Most of us have photos on our phone that we either don’t want prying eyes to see or have sensitive information in them. How often do you take a photo with your phone in order to save information?


You can actually hide these photos to make them harder to find. Inside the photos app, select the photos you want then click share. Yes, we said share. When you scroll down, there will be an option to hide, select this option.


Your hidden photos will then appear in a secret folder inside your albums section.


Turn On WiFi Assist To Reduce Bad Networks:


Have you recently experienced a bad wifi connection? Well, with WiFi Assist, your phone won’t connect to networks that have a bad signal or poor internet connection.


Before it connects you, it will analyze the signal and determine if your 4G is faster. Under WiFi/Internet settings you can enable this feature.


Backspace In Your Calculator:


Doing math for school or work? Maybe calculating the tip you are going to leave? No matter why you use the calculator app there is a chance you will make a mistake and input the wrong number.


We do it all the time. Try swiping left or right where the digits are on the screen and it will act as a backspace.


Now you have a selection of some of the best tricks and hacks that make the iPhone awesome. Most of these tips will work with the iPad and iPod touch as well!



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