Best Free Music Apps For Android


In this blog post, I will tell you what are the best free music apps for Android. Legally finding free music is easier than its ever been before.

Best Free Music Apps For AndroidYou no longer have to resort to piracy, due to the advancements in technology you can find just about any song you want with some help from an app on your phone.


Many streaming services have come and gone within the past few years. However, there are a few of them that have stood the test of time. In this blog post, I will tell you what these services are.

Best Free Music Apps For Android:



YouTube is one of the most popular free music apps in the world today. You can find just about anything you have ever heard on youtube.


You can find a wealth of local bands, live shows, and official music videos. You also have the ability to make playlists, get recommendations and much more.


There is also a paid version of YouTube which is a bit expensive. However, I think the free version should be adequate for most people.


Lots of people all across the globe use YouTube to listen to music that they enjoy listening to. Download YouTube in the Google Play Store.


Google Play Music / YouTube Music:


Google Play Music is a popular option among online music streamers. Its trademark feature is the ability to upload up to 50,000 of your own sings for personal streaming.


This is a great option if you would like to combine your current music collection with an online service.


The free version of Google Play Music gives you the ability to listen to various curated playlists and stream your own music.


The free version offers great value, but the paid version offers more perks. This service also includes podcasts for free and paid users.


Google Play Music will be replaced with Google’s YouTube Music sometime in the near future. Download Google Play Music in the Google Play store.




iHeart RadioiHeartRadio is a very popular free music app. This is a radio app that gives you the ability to listen to a variety of stations based on your taste of music.


There are also podcasts, comedy shows, talk radio, and seasonal radio stations, there is also an AM and FM radio station, these radio stations support data streaming and you can listen to sports and news as well.


This is a great free app that offers lots of value, the iHeartRadio app also supports Android Wear, Chromecast, and Android Auto support. Download iHeartRadio in the GooglePlay Store.




SoundCloudSoundCloud is a great app that works in a slightly different way. Any artist has the ability to upload music to SoundCloud and that music can be played back to anyone who listens to music on SoundCloud.


SoundCloud currently has over 125 million songs, that’s significantly more music than anyone will listen to.


There are also a number of podcasts, shows, and other content to entertain you. There’s a free version and a paid version of this app.


The paid version will give you access to more popular music by big-name artists. Download SoundCloud in the Google Play Store.


Jango Radio:


JangoJango Radio is another free music app that offers users a wide variety of music from independent artists as well as big names.


Most of the other services will play the music of independent artists without the artist having to pay for it.


However, Jango Radio is different, the independent artists must pay for plays on this app.


It seems as though Jango Radio, thought it would be better to charge the independent artists instead of the listeners.


This is how Jango makes its operating revenue because this app is 100% free, and there are no ads on this service. Download Jango in the Google Play Store.




LiveXLiveLiveXLive replaced Slacker Radio a few years ago and it still has lots of the same features today. You have the ability to listen to various stations that play music from a wide variety of genres for free.


If you would like more features you can upgrade to the premium version, however, I think the free version is great.


There’s an on-demand streaming service that gives you the ability to stream live music. This is a great concept, but there’s room for improvement.


This app only uses credit card billing or carrier billing via the app instead of the Google Play subscription support like other paid apps. I’m not a fan of this. Download LiveXLive in the Google Play Store.


Pandora Radio:


Pandora RadioPandora Radio is another extremely popular free music app. This app is extremely popular because it’s very user-friendly and it offers cross-platform support.


You can go to any genre of music on any platform and your stations will sync across all of them.


Pandora Radio’s content library has grown immensely within the past few years. This app also has an on-demand streaming service.


The Pandora Radio app is very user-friendly and it provides a great user experience. There’s also a paid version to this app that gives you the ability to use more features. Download Pandora Radio in the Google Play Store.




SpotifySpotify is a very popular free music streaming app, it possesses a big library, lots of playlists and curated stations.


You also have the ability to create your own playlists and stations if you would like to. The free version is okay, however, the paid version offers much more value.


Nevertheless, this app also comes with Chromecast support and the tablet version offers more features than that of the mobile version. Download Spotify in the Google Play Store.


TuneIn Radio:


TuneIn RadioTuneIn Radio is a popular streaming app that’s best known for its comedy radio, podcast, and talk radio rather than music streaming.


However, there’s lots of free music to enjoy on TuneIn Radio, it has over 100,000 stations that cover just about every genre of music, and it also includes AM and FM radio stations that can be streamed over data.


TuneIn Radio also offers audiobooks as well as live sports broadcasting and more. There’s a free version and a paid version of this app.


If the only thing you would like to do is listen to music with this app, then I would not recommend upgrading to the paid version.


However, if you would like to take full advantage of all the features and functionalities that this app possesses, then you may be more content with the paid version. Download TuneIn Radio in the Google Play Store.




deezerDeezer has been around for a while now, this is another great music app that you can use to stream music.


The free version of Deezer allows you to use the Deezer’s FLOW feature to listen to mixes and playlists based on your own personal taste. You will also have the ability to discover new-up-and-coming artists.


Some of the other features of this app include mixes based on individual artists, unlimited playlist creation, and lyric fetching.


The premium version of this app gives you more features such as offline listening, higher quality audio, and Android Auto support. Download Deezer in the Google Play Store.


This concludes my list of the best free music apps for Android, if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations that you think should be on this list.


Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.



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