Best Burner Phone Apps For Android And iPhone


Burner phones have become extremely popular within the past few years as a result of popular T.V shows such as Breaking Bad and The Wire. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best burner phone apps for Android and iPhone that are currently available.


Best Burner Phone Apps For Android And iPhone


A burner phone app is a great alternative to getting a burner phone. There is a common belief that criminals are the only people who would benefit from the security that a burner phone provides.


However, that’s not true, there are quite a few different reasons why a good law-abiding person may be interested in having this type of security.

Why Should You Use A Burner Phone App?


Here are some great reasons why you may be interested in using a burner phone app.


If you own your own business or if you’re on call because your job requires it. It will be good to have a dedicated number so when the phone rings you will know that you should answer it professionally when you’re working and ignore it when you’re not working.


Using a burner phone app gives you the ability to do this without having to carry two phones.


If you’re placing an ad on the internet and you have to put your phone number so people can get in touch with you. A burner phone app gives you the ability to dispose of the number when you no longer want anyone calling about your ad.


If you’re someone who participates in online dating you will know that there are certain risks involved. Having a temporary number via a burner phone app will provide some additional privacy.


If you’re in the process of finding a new job you will probably be getting lots of calls from unknown numbers.


With the burner phone app, you can have a disposable number for this so when the phone rings you will know that it’s a potential employer who’s calling you.


Regardless of the reason why you may need to have an additional number, there are quite a few burner phone apps that you can use.


Best Burner Phone Apps:




Best Burner Phone AppsBurner provides one of the best burner phone apps on the market. This is a simple app that will provide you with a fake number, however, you must live in the U.S. or Canada to benefit from this.


Burner will provide you with a VoIP phone number that has a local area code. You can use this phone number for text messages, phone calls, and voicemail.


This app gives you total control over who has the ability to call you. Then, when you’re done with the number, you can burn it and get a new number.


You have the ability to connect Burner to apps such as Slack, Evernote, Dropbox, and SoundCloud to store and share items.


Burner has a GhostBot feature, this may appeal to online daters because the GhostBot feature can give automatic replies to certain contacts.


When you sign up for this app you will receive a free seven-day trial which will include 40 text messages and 20 minutes of talk time.


After the free trial expires you can pay for what you want or sign up for a premium subscription.


With the premium subscription, you will receive a permanent number with unlimited usage.


Download Burner for Android or iOS.




Best Burner Phone Apps


CoverMe focuses on privacy, this burner phone app has developed a reputation for the level of privacy that it offers.


CoverMe refers to the phone calls that are made through their app as military-grade encrypted phone calls. (That means that they’re extremely secure)


CoverMe stores your sensitive data in what they refer to as an impenetrable private vault.


This is great, however, many of CoverMe’s features such as self-destructing messages, encrypted texts, and calls, will only work if the other party has the app.


Nevertheless, the app is still extremely useful for anyone who wants an additional layer of privacy.


CoverMe provides phone numbers from the U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico, and China. It’s free to download this app but if you would like to add regular minutes to your plan, then you must subscribe.


Download CoverMe for Android or iOS.




Best Burner Phone Apps


Hushed is another great burner phone app that can provide you with numbers from over 40 countries.


Hushed uses VoIP technology, so it will not consume any of your minutes. However, it will use your data if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.


Nevertheless, there’s an option that gives you the ability to route your phone calls through your carrier.


When you start using Hushed you will get a free three-day trial, but this is only with U.S. numbers.


After the trial expires, it will cost you $5 per month for one number with unlimited texts and phone calls within North America.


There are a number of other payment options that you can choose from depending on your needs.


The rates are different to get phone numbers from countries other than the U.S. and Canada and the prices will vary from $3 to $13 per month, text and calls are extra.


Download Hushed for Android or iOS.




Line2 Best Burner Phone Apps

Line2 is a great burner phone app that gives you the ability to have a second number on your phone.


Line2 comes equipped with some nice features such as auto-attendant, conference calls, and toll-free numbers.


If you have a business you can add multiple lines for different departments. However, this is also a great solution for people who would like to keep their personal and work numbers separate.


This is great because it works like a temporary second number, Line2 has a desktop app that gives you the ability to make calls and send texts from your PC or Mac.


When you join Line2 you will receive a free seven-day trial, after it expires you will have to subscribe if you would like to continue using the app.


Download Line2 for Android or iOS.


These Burner Phone Apps Are Great:


All the burner phone apps mentioned above will give you a second number to protect your privacy. You can decide which one will work best for you.


If you don’t like the burner phone apps you can get a burner phone instead or you may also be interested in getting a dumb phone.


Reasons Why You Should Use Burner Phone Apps:


There are lots of cybercriminals lurking on the internet, waiting for the right moment to steal your private data.


As a result of this, you must take some additional steps to protect your data by limiting the amount of personal data you share on the internet.


When you’re using your smartphone there are many third-party apps that request your phone number.


Getting a burner phone app will help you to protect your privacy. A burner phone app will give you the opportunity to easily create a disposable number while protecting the privacy of your real number.


This is great because it protects your data while providing a secure line of communication that can be easily disposed of at any moment.


If you have any comments or questions about any of the burner phone apps provided above, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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