Best Android Spy Apps To Spy On Android Phones


More apps are constantly being released as smartphone technology continues to expand at a rapid pace. On this page, I will tell you what are the best Android spy apps that are currently available.


Best Android Spy Apps


Whether you’re looking for an Android spy app to keep an eye on your kids, your employees, or your significant other. I will provide you with a number of Android spy apps that you can choose from.

Best Android Spy Apps:


  • Spyzie
  • Spyera
  • Flexispy
  • MobiStealth
  • Highster Mobile




Spyzie - Best Android Spy Apps


Spyzie gives you the ability to recover important information from the phone that you’re monitoring without alerting the other person.


Spyzie can be used to view contacts, text messages, location, call logs, and more. It also gives you the ability to monitor social media activity on popular platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Spyzie also gives you a host of advanced features such as call recording, screen capture, keylogger, ambient recording and more.


The great thing is that Spyzie gives you the ability to get all this information while keeping you under the radar.


The app icon disappears after you install the software on the targeted phone.


Spyzie is compatible with Android 8.0 operating system and newer. There are three subscription plans that you can choose from, they include:

  • Basic Version
  • Pro Version
  • Ultimate Version


The basic and the pro versions are slightly more economical and they give you limited features and functionalities.


The 6-month license for the Basic version will cost you $89.99 the Pro version will cost $99.99.


The ultimate version with all the latest bells and whistles offers much more value, it will cost you $119.99 for the 6-month license.


Spyzie is one of the best spy apps on the market today. To see a list of the different features offered in each plan you should go to




Spyera - Best Android Spy Apps


Spyera is a popular Android spy app that offers some nice cell phone monitoring features. Some of these features include location tracking, accessing text messages, chats, emails, MMS and contact info.


You will also be able to eavesdrop on cell phone conversations, as well as listen to the surroundings of the targeted phone.


Spyera comes equipped with all the features one would expect from a modern-day Android spy app.


Installing the app isn’t complex, however, you must root the targeted phone.


Spyera is compatible with phones that run on the Android operating system version 7.1.1 and newer.


Spyera offers two different subscription plans, they are:

  • Premium
  • Premium Plus


To get a yearly license for the Premium plan it will cost $169 and for the Premium Plus plan, it will cost you $389.


To see a list of the different features offered in each plan you should go to




FlexiSpy - Best Android Spy Apps


Flexispy is another great Android spy app that you can use to monitor a phone. Whether you would like to spy on your employees, your significant other, or your children you should consider using Flexispy.


With Flexispy, you will have the ability to spy on social media apps such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, and more.


You will also have the ability to view internet browsing history, phone contacts, and shoot photos remotely with the remote camera feature.


You will also be able to see everything that is being typed on the monitored phone.


This app gives you the ability to track the exact location of the monitored phone by showing you the exact location on a map.


With this app, you can also record VoIP calls with the stealth spy app and monitor specific activities by creating your own custom alerts.


Flexispy is compatible with all devices that run Android OS 4.0.3 or newer. However, you must root the phone to enjoy all the features and functionalities that Flexispy possesses.


There are three different subscription plans to choose from, they include:

  • Lite
  • Premium
  • Extreme


The Lite plan will cost you $29.95 per month, the Premium plan will cost you $149 if you sign up for 12 months.


The Extreme plan will cost you $349 when you sign up for 12 months. To see a list of the different features offered in each plan you should go to




Mobistealth - Best Android Spy Apps


MobiStealth is a powerful Android Spy App that gives you the ability to remotely spy on the targeted phone.


With this app, you can view photos and videos, browsing history, record phone calls, get the exact location of the targeted phone, even when the GPS feature has been turned off.


Installing the app on the targeted phone is relatively easy. Immediately after the app has been installed it will begin to collect information.


Once MobiStealth has been installed on the targeted phone it will run quietly in the background at all times.


After installing the app you will be able to spy on text messages, phone calls, calendar entries, and you will be able to remotely install apps on the phone if you need to.


On the MobiStealth’s website, it does not say what Android operating systems are supported by this software.


Nevertheless, it’s probably safe to assume that if you have an Android phone that runs the latest operating system, this software will most likely be compatible with it.


There are two different subscription plans to choose from they are:

  • PRO
  • Pro-X


The 12-month MobiStealth PRO plan will cost you $149.99 and the 12-month Pro-X plan will cost you $179.99.


To see a list of the different features offered in each of these plans you should go to


Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile - Best Android Spy Apps
Highster Mobile

When Highster Mobile was released it received quite a bit of attention on the spy app market, this is due to the one-time payment solution options that it offers.


Nevertheless, with Highster Mobile you can record phone calls, see call history log, find the GPS location, track text messages, activate the microphone on the targeted phone, view browsing history, and access stored multimedia files.


One of the great things about Highster Mobile that makes it one of the best spy apps is the fact that there are multiple ways to install it on the targeted phone.


For example, you can use a Bluetooth/USB cable to transfer the app from your computer to the targeted phone, or you may type the address into the browser of the targeted phone, or Scan the QR code for the app.


Highster Mobile is compatible with most phones that run Android operating system 3.0 or newer.


There are two different subscription plans to choose from they include:

  • Basic
  • Pro


The Basic plan costs $29.99, that’s a one-time payment, there will not be any monthly fees.


The Pro plan costs $69.99 which will also be a one-time payment plan. To see a list of the different features offered in each plan you should go to




XNSPY - Best Android Spy Apps


Xnspy is a popular Android spying app that offers a complete monitoring solution for its users. The app takes into account all aspects of monitoring and smoothly monitors text messages, call logs, emails, IM chats, web browsing history, and multimedia.


The app’s GPS location tracking feature works in real-time, and you can set alerts on particular locations with geofencing to know when the user enters/exits the area.


The Watchlist alerts is the best feature of Xnspy and works for words, contacts, and location. You can add certain words and contacts to the list and get alerts when they appear in chat conversations.


The app also offers a Wi-Fi- and key-logging feature. Xnspy’s keylogger feature records the keystrokes the phone user makes on popular social media apps such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber.


With the Wi-Fi logs, you will know when and where the user last connected his/her device. Xnspy gives you a variety of remote functions. You can remotely record calls and surroundings, take live screenshots, wipe off phone data, or lock the phone.


Even with such an impressive range of features, Xnspy is an affordable spy app.


There are two different subscription plans to choose from they include:

  • Basic Edition
  • Premium Edition


You can subscribe to the Basic Edition for $4.99/month. The Premium Edition is $7.49/month for a yearly subscription.


But you can choose from the monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment plans. To see a list of the different features offered in each plan you should go to


These are 5 of the best Android spy apps that are currently available. Most of these android spy apps offer similar features.


You should use the information here as a guide to help you find the best Android spy app for you.



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