AT&T Will Be Raising The Price Of Their Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans


If you’ve been a loyal AT&T customer for many years and you’ve been on the same data plan, AT&T will be raising the price of your bill.



AT&T Raising Prices 2018:


According to an AT&T support page, the price of the AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan is expected to increase from $40 to $45 per month in July 2018.


AT&T continues to raise the price of their unlimited data plan. In 2015 the AT&T unlimited data plan was $30 per month. In 2016 it was raised to $35 and in 2017 the price was raised again to $40.


AT&T has been raising the price of their unlimited data plan in $5 increments. Even though the price will be increasing to $45 per month, that’s still cheaper than what the new customers are paying.


The AT&T data plans cost $65 – $80 per month for one line, however, you will save money if you add more lines to the plan.


AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Price Increase:


AT&T stated that the reason for the increased price is due to the fact that the data usage of their customers is at record high levels.


If you’re an AT&T customer who’s been grandfathered in, and you’re unhappy about the price hike, it may be time to find a different cell phone service provider.



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