There’s A New AT&T Unlimited Data Plan On The Market


The new AT&T unlimited data plan has just been added in an effort to compete with the other major carriers. Prior to Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint adding unlimited data plans, AT&T only offered unlimited data plans to their DirectTV and U-verse subscribers.

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It’s great that AT&T added an unlimited data plan. However, it’s the most expensive data plan among the major carriers for a single line.


The price of the new AT&T unlimited data plan is $100 per month for a single line and an extra $40 per month for each additional line, up to a maximum of four. This is the most expensive data plan for a single line.


However, if you decide to get two or four lines then AT&T’s prices are a bit more competitive with the other carriers.


If you get four lines with the new AT&T plan it will cost $180, but that includes a $40 credit which takes two months to take full effect. Therefore, the first two months will cost $220.


The plan includes AT&T’s $60 plan charge as well as device access charges which vary from $10 to $40. But the plan does not include mobile hotspot data.


The Stream Saver feature is turned on by default in this plan. So when watching videos over the unlimited plan it will stream at approximately 480p-DVD quality.


However, an AT&T spokesperson told Arts Technica that subscribers have the option of turning off Stream Saver to get higher quality video streaming.


What Will You Get With The New AT&T Unlimited Data Plan?


With the new data plan, subscribers will get free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada. And they will have the ability to roam for free in those countries. To get this feature the subscriber must add the Roam North America feature to their account which is free of charge.


AT&T stated that you may lose access to roam North America if more than 50 percent of your usage for two consecutive billing cycles comes from abroad.


During periods of network congestion, AT&T may throttle unlimited data connections after 22GB of data consumption.


What do you think about AT&T’s unlimited data plan? Would you consider switching to AT&T if you’re currently with a different service provider? Please let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.



  1. I am with Verizon but I am starting to lose confidence in them at the moment. Everyone seems to have a plan today that is designed to entice you to move to their network obviously but I am looking long term and really looking for the best network out there. I travel in and out of big cities and small rural areas. Who do think the best solution is long term? thanks in advance.

    • Robert, the competition between the smartphone service providers are getting tougher. I haven’t had a chance to try AT&T as yet, however I’ve had Sprint and Verizon in the past and I started using T-Mobile in Summer of last year. I’m very happy with T-Mobile thus far and I do not notice much difference between the service I got from Verizon and what I’m getting from T-Mobile. If you think Verizon is too expensive you should try switching to another carrier.


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