AT&T Ready2Go Improves The User Experience


AT&T Ready2Go is expanding, this is a convenient service that will help AT&T to gain more loyal customers.

What Is AT&T Ready2Go:


AT&T Ready2GoAT&T Ready2Go is a service from AT&T which gives you the ability to have a service representative come to you to help you to set up your new tablet or smartphone.


This service started in 2017, at that time AT&T called it Same Day Delivery. The service became more and more popular as time went by.


The name of the service was recently changed to AT&T Ready2Go, the service has been rapidly expanding throughout the U.S.  


AT&T Ready2Go Makes It Easy To Set Up New Smartphones:


It’s a bit of a hassle to upgrade to a new smartphone and you may be worried about losing data when transferring your data from your old smartphone to the new one.


The entire process can be extremely time-consuming because you have to go to the store, choose your new smartphone, wait in line, then have them transfer your data from your old smartphone to the new one.


It’s a long process, some people may like it while others may not. If you do not like that process then you will like AT&T Ready2Go.


With the AT&T Ready2Go service, a representative from AT&T will come to you to set up your new smartphone, transfer your data and teach you about some of the main features of your new smartphone.


Currently, AT&T is the only carrier in the U.S. that offers this type of service. Due to the success that AT&T has had with this service, it’s only a matter of time before other carriers start implementing a similar service in the future.


AT&T Ready2Go Gives AT&T An Advantage Over Its Competitors:


AT&T says that there are three key factors which have made this program successful among smartphone users. These three factors are:


  • The AT&T Ready2Go service is extremely convenient.
  • The AT&T representative will meet you anywhere.
  • There are no additional charges for the service.


The service was originally started with 15 markets in 2017. Today it is in 54 markets and it’s still growing.


The AT&T Ready2Go service has become extremely successful because it simplifies the process of setting up a new smartphone.


The AT&T Ready2Go program gives AT&T a slight advantage over its competitors. This program is brilliant because it may convince lots of new people to sign up for AT&T.



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