At What Percentage Should I Charge My Phone?


In this brief blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about charging your phone.

At What Percentage Should I Charge My Phone?

If you have poor charging habits this will negatively the lifespan of your phone’s battery. If you plan on keeping your phone for a while, it’s extremely important that you charge it correctly.


Here are a few common practices that you should avoid when charging your phone’s battery:

  • Overnight charging
  • Charging to 100%
  • Fully discharging before charging


If you’re guilty of doing these things, you are shortening the lifespan of your phone’s battery, according to Cadex, a company that sells devices that test smartphone batteries.


How to extend the battery life of a smartphone has been a prime topic since the advent of the smartphone.


Cadex offers an abundance of information on its Battery University website. If you would like to maximize the lifespan of your battery there are specific percentage levels in which you must keep your phone’s battery.

Charge Your Phone For A Short Period Of Time:


It’s best to charge your phone for a short period of time, whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Partial charging is best for the longevity of your battery.


Do Not Fully Discharge Your Phone Before Charging It:


At What Percentage Should I Charge My Phone?

Battery University has stated that deep charging cycles shorten the lifespan of the battery.


A deep charging cycle is when you use your phone until the battery is dead or only a small portion of battery life is left.


Samsung also confirmed this in a blog post a few years ago in which they offered tips on how to extend your phone’s battery life.


At What Percentage Should I Charge My Phone?


When it’s possible, you should try to keep your battery’s level between 65% to 75% capacity.


Battery University stated that the lithium-ion battery in your phone will last longer if you keep it between 65% to 75% charged at all times.


It will be impossible to keep your phone at these levels at all times, but now you know what’s ideal.


If That’s Not Possible You Can Try To Stay Between 45% To 75%:


At What Percentage Should I Charge My Phone?

The second best charge range for your phone’s battery is 45% to 75% capacity. This may be much more realistic for the average person on a daily basis.


It would be best if you developed a daily routine to charge your phone at particular times to keep it within the recommended levels.


Hopefully, you will be able to keep your phone’s battery within 45% to 75% capacity.


You Should Never Fully Charge Your Battery:


Battery Charging Tips For Android PhonesIt’s not recommended to fully charge your battery, especially when charging it from 25% capacity or less.


Doing this will reduce the battery’s capacity and shorten its lifespan.


Battery University stated that lithium-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged and it’s better if it’s not fully charged because the high voltage stresses the battery.


You Should Not Charge Your Phone Overnight:


There has been quite a bit of debate about the effects of charging your phone overnight.


Most people do this because it’s extremely convenient, however, if this is something that you do, you should probably stop because charging to 100% causes the most long term damage to the lifespan of your phone’s battery.


Hopefully, you have enough time on a daily basis to implement the guidelines suggested here.


Following these simple steps will help you to maximize your phone’s battery life. If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.




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