Are Magnets Bad For Phones?


Have you ever wondered what a magnet may do to your phone? I will answer that questions and I will tell you everything you need to know on this topic in this brief blog post.

Will Magnets Ruin Your Smartphone?

I’ve Always Been Cautious About Putting Magnets Close To My Phone:


For as long as I can remember, I have always been cautious about putting a magnet close to my phone.


I’m afraid that the magnet will delete all my personal data on my phone while damaging the phone in the process.


At an early age, I was told that magnets are bad for electronic devices but do magnets pose a serious threat to our phones? Or am I being paranoid? Let’s find out what the experts have to say about this.


Matt Newby from first4magnets says that the belief that magnets will negatively affect our electronic devices is true in regards to old electronic devices such as televisions and CRT monitors because they were sensitive to the magnetic fields.


Newby says when placing a powerful magnet close to one of these devices the picture would get distorted but modern monitors and televisions are not susceptible to this.


What about smartphones? Is it okay to put a powerful magnet next to your smartphone? No, and I’ll tell you why later on in this blog post.


Are Magnets Bad For Phones?


Are Magnets Bad For iPhones?

It all depends on how powerful the magnet is, the magnet in a magnetic phone mount isn’t powerful enough to damage a phone.


However, a big powerful magnet has the potential to create some problems because the magnetic fields of a magnet may temporarily interfere with the magnetometer and the digital compass inside a smartphone, this can be a serious issue.


Some engineers at K&J Magnetics experimented with a magnet and an iPhone to show how the sensors inside the iPhone can be affected by a magnet.


Michael Paul, an engineer at K&J stated that the magnet affected the internal magnetic sensors inside the iPhone.


When this happens, the compass will not function correctly. Paul also stated that if you put a strong magnet to a phone there’s a possibility that you may slightly magnetize some of the steel components inside which will make them act like weak magnets.


If this occurs, the compass will malfunction and it will be difficult to recalibrate it correctly.


Powerful Magnets Have The Potential To Cause Problems With Phones:


Are Magnetic Cases Bad For Phones?

At the moment you may not realize how important the compass app is on your phone.


There are many apps on your phone that rely on getting accurate information from the compass to be able to function correctly.


For example, Google Maps and any other navigational apps that you may have on your phone relies on the same sensor that the compass app uses to determine what direction the phone is facing.


There are also a number of games that rely on this to determine where you are. Magnets will not destroy your phone. However, there’s a strong possibility that they will mess up some important things inside of it.


Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage iPhones?


Magnets are an issue that Apple thought about in regards to its cases and accessories such as phone holders.


In Apple’s Case Design Guidelines, there’s a specific section about Sensor Considerations and Magnetic Interference there’s a sentence that says “Apple recommends avoiding the use of magnets and metal components in cases.”


Smartphone manufacturers must be certain that the built-in magnetic compass is not affected by the cases that are made for their phones.


In Apple’s guide, the iPhone 6 Plus is specifically mentioned due to the fact that magnets may cause some serious problems with the autofocus camera located on the back of the iPhone.


So putting a strong magnet next to your phone will not destroy it and it will not delete the data on your phone. However, it may cause your phone to malfunction in many different ways. As a result of this, you should avoid putting magnets next to your phone.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, or if you would like to share your experience in regards to why magnets are or aren’t bad for phones, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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