Android vs iPhone Pros And Cons In 2022?


Android vs iPhone, in this blog post, I will tell you about some of the pros and cons of Android phones as well as iPhones.


I will tell you what the major differences are between the two different platforms. If you’re a die-hard fan of either phone, then this blog post probably will not persuade you to switch.

Android VS iPhone

Have you had your phone for a while? Are you thinking about upgrading it? Have you been thinking about switching from an Android phone to an iPhone or vice versa?


Or maybe you’re having second thoughts about making the switch. If you’re unsure which one you should buy next. Then you can make an educated decision on which one you prefer based on this information.


iPhone 12 Pro Review
iPhone 12 Pro

Some years ago the apps for iOS was released first, and Android users had to wait before they could get them. Sometimes Android users had to wait a long time before the apps were available to them.


However, things have changed when a new app is released it’s available on both phones, and Android users no longer have to wait. There are lots of apps to choose from on both platforms. However, there are more free apps available for Android than iOS.




If you’re going to buy an iPhone it will be much easier to choose a phone than if you’re going to buy an Android phone. Apple has a tendency to sell only three or four different models at a time. The screen sizes in an iPhone range from 4in up to 6.5in.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

But if you’re going to buy an Android phone, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right one because there are so many of them.


And there are lots of different manufacturers, there’s LG, HTC, Samsung, these are a few of the well-known Android manufacturers. But there are also other Android manufacturers that you’ve never heard of before.


So how do you decide whether an Android or iPhone is best for you? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a phone. Some die-hard iPhone users may say that an iPhone is better than the best Android phone.


But that’s not true every phone has its strengths and weaknesses.


Some Android phones have unique features that an iPhone does not have such as expandable storage, modular capabilities, and NFC capabilities.


While other Android phones have display screens with a higher resolution and a better camera than an iPhone. Some iPhones come with as much as 128GB of storage, however, all models do not offer this much.


If you’re purchasing an iPhone with extra storage it will cost you quite a bit extra.


But if you buying an Android phone with expandable storage you can buy a microSD card and place it in the microSD card slot.


When purchasing a microSD card for extra storage. The price you pay will be much less than you will have to pay for the equivalent extra space in an iPhone.


Having a phone with lots of internal storage has some advantages. For example, when you have a phone with lots of internal storage you don’t have to worry about where your files are stored.


The overall performance of a phone with more internal storage is usually better than that of a phone with less internal storage.




In the past, some of the Android operating systems did not function very well. But things have changed, the operating systems on both platforms today are great. Now I will discuss some of the differences between the software on both platforms.


Home Screens:

With an iPhone, on the iOS, the apps are located on multiple home screens and your home screens cannot be customized. With an Android phone, you have the ability to customize the look and feel of your home screen.


For example, you can move all your apps to the app drawer and you can add various widgets to the home screen.


Voice Assistants:

Both phones come with assistants, the Android phones have Google Now, and iPhones have Siri. Both assistants are similar and they perform very well.


These assistants can be used to set reminders, get directions, set alarms, send emails, and text messages.


When you start using the voice assistants you must learn how to phrase your command in order to make it happen in a speedy manner.



When it comes to installing apps with an iPhone you are limited to the apps that are available in the app store in the country you reside in.


But with an Android phone, there’s an option that allows you to install third-party software from unknown sources.


When you connect an Android phone to a PC, it’s like you’ve connected an external hard drive. You have the ability to copy and delete files, photos, and videos just like you would with an external hard drive.


This makes it very easy to transfer documents from your phone to a computer or vice versa.  An iPhone works a bit differently when you connect it to a PC. It works more like a digital camera rather than an external hard drive.


When an iPhone is connected to a PC you have the ability to copy videos and photos, but nothing else. You are not allowed to transfer any type of files or documents. An Android phone may offer more flexibility.


However, the only drawback to the flexibility is that some Android smartphone manufacturers drastically change the look and feel of the Android operating system.


Sometimes you may feel as though you’re learning to use a new operating system. Some Android smartphone manufacturers such as Google’s Nexus phones and Motorola use Stock Android.


Many Android smartphone users prefer to have a phone with Stock Android because of its simplicity.


Privacy And Security:


Apple has a reputation for protecting the privacy of its customers. Apple collects data for their own personal use, however, they will not give it out to a third party.


iPhones are extremely secure because the data is encrypted and it cannot be accessed without a password.


In the past Android phones were not very secure. But they became secure with the release of the Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system. However, Android is more prone to malware.


There are a few reasons for this, Android market share is much larger than that of Apple. And it’s easier to get the malware onto an Android phone because it isn’t as secure as an iPhone.


Even though Android phones may be more prone to malware you can protect an Android phone by installing an antivirus app from the Google Play store.


Price Range:


With Android Phones, you have the ability to choose between lots of different phones from different price ranges.


The number of Android phones on the market significantly outweighs the number of iPhones.


Thus the reason why there are Android phones at every price range. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get a great mid-range phone such as the Google Pixel 4a for $325.00.


Or a high-end premium phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 for $668.99. Whether you would like to spend a little bit of money or a lot, you can find an Android phone in your price range.


The price range of iPhones do not vary as much as the Android phones. From the inception of the iPhone, it developed a reputation as being a solid premium phone with a hefty price tag.


Nevertheless, within the past few years, Apple decided that it would be a good idea to release an economical iPhone every year to target avid smartphone users who aren’t willing to pay the hefty price tag to get a premium iPhone.


For people on a budget, the iPhone 12 Mini is Apple’s mid-range iPhone for this year, which is on sale for $786.99, and for people who would like to get a premium iPhone, there is the iPhone 12 Pro for $969.99.


Apple’s budget iPhone is more expensive than some of the premium Android phones that are currently on the market.


The iPhone 12 Mini is a good phone, but the price may be too high for lots of people who are on a budget who are looking for a more economical iPhone.


iPhone vs Android Pros And Cons:



  • Less malware
  • Curated app store
  • Hardware and software are controlled by Apple
  • Walled-garden ecosystem
  • Customization is limited
  • No expandable storage


  • A wide variety of phones to choose from
  • Lots of phones from different price ranges
  • Many phones have expandable storage
  • Open source so it’s easy to customize


  • More susceptible to malware
  • The choice of apps is limited by the operating system on the phone
  • Unless you buy a phone that is not attached to a carrier you will find lots of pre-install (Bloatware) apps on most Android phones


Now you know everything there is to know about Android vs iOS. You know about all the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms, what platform do you prefer? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. Hi Marvin,

    I stumbled upon this just when my spouse and I are asking about the phones that we should both buy next week. We both own Microsoft Lumia 640, but prior to this we had Samsung (can’t remember the model).

    I would like to try an iPhone, but my spouse is so much against it because I have a Samsung laptop and tablet. He believes that with a Samsung phone, I can easily sync things. So, maybe I’ll end up buying an Android phone.

    • Hello Princila, I agree with your spouse if you already have a Samsung laptop and tablet it would be much easier to sync your files if you have an Android phone.

  2. I need to get a different phone. In the past I had a iphone 4. the only thing I didn’t like was that i had to pay for music, while android users did not. I lost my phone, and started using a phone sent to me by the state because of my disability. It is much like a straight talk phone. It is a ZTE and probably the worst phone in existence. I would like to get a different phone at a good price. I just don’t know which would be best. what do you think of the IPhone SE?

  3. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got
    the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter
    Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

  4. concise and competent. rare. time to upgrade phone from SE which has been fine plus it fits in my pocket. been considering switching to a Geekaphone this time as my non-phone stuff is PC and the bloody iPhone just doesn’t get that. your assessment moved the needle way over until you mentioned the malwear issue. technically how does that balance with having the ability to up and download to my 365 Onedrive etc?

  5. I love this article! I think that there is lots of good information! I read every single one of your blogs and I believe all of them are outstanding! Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put in to this job!

  6. I have been an iPhone user for 10 years, I have gone through quite a few gens. I am upgrading but for the first time considering an android. If you had to choose between the iPhone 11Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ , which would you choose? And why? I need a bit more expertise than Mom Groups on FB.

  7. I am currently an Android user (Samsung S7) and ready to upgrade. I havent used an Apple product in about 6 years, but considering switching from my current phone to an iPhone XR. The alternative is a Samsung 10e. My biggest concern is the loss of information/apps/contacts making the move to IOS platform. I’ve been told the switch in operating systems is pretty painless, but can you provide some feedback on this? And can you comment on which phone you think is better? Thanks much!

    • Hello Mike,

      I’m not sure what apps you have on the Galaxy S7 but we all know that Android phones offer a wider variety of apps than Apple. You should do some research to find out if the apps that you enjoy using are available on iOS before making your decision.

      However, in regards to the phones, the iPhone XR has a better battery life and a bigger display screen, while the Galaxy S10e has better cameras and a better display screen, what features are more important to you? Both phones are extremely fast and responsive when multitasking, and switching from the Android Operating System to iOS should be seamless.

  8. Hi Marvin – I’m in the process of upgrading from my old Samsung Galaxy S5 and always been a Android user. My husband has both iPhone and Android and suggested I go with the iPhone. I’ve done my research on which phone I want, settled on the Google 3a, and the last piece was to finally understand the difference between iPhone and Android. Just making sure I wasn’t missing out on something the iPhone has that I can’t do without. Thank you, thank you for your easy to understand explanation – simple and straight forward without all the fancy techie lingo that makes me wonder what I just read. Keep up the great work!

  9. Dear Marvin,

    I was contemplating switching over to the iPhone but I may just stick with my Android and upgrade. The thing is I was wondering if the Android has a video call feature you can use if you want to talk to someone by video?

    • Hello Beth,

      For an Android phone, there are many third-party apps that you can use for video calling such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, and Skype just to name a few. These apps are not pre-installed like FaceTime on your iPhone. You will have to download these apps from the Google Play Store and install them on your phone. I have written a blog post on this topic, you should read it to learn more.

  10. Hi Mr Perry,

    I’ve been using androids phones for quite a while, they are nicer but too much ads on there apps, and it’s security it not tight as iPhone. It’s easy to be bypassed there frp to iCloud lock.

    Since I switched to iPhone, it’s one year without change a phone or having problems like stuck, lug. I had to wipe to be normal again.

    All never happened to my iPhone. iPhone is the best.

    • Hi Titus,

      Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, when you say that Android phones have too much ads on their apps, are you referring to the apps that are pre-installed on the phone or third-party apps that you installed?

      You mentioned the terms “stuck, lug” are you referring to the phone crashing and lagging? Well, I’ll say this, great Android phones such as a Google Pixel phone or a premium Samsung phone are extremely fast and responsive, they rarely crash or lag.

      However, if you have a mid-range Android phone, these problems may occur more frequently depending on the phone that you have.

  11. Marvin,

    SECURE data seems more likely with an iPhone.

    I just ordered an iPhone after using an Android as choice for all my cell phones.

    Switching from PIXEL 3A to APPLE SE 2nd Generation.

    Angel Llerena

    • Angel,

      Android phones and iPhones have been hacked, so it’s debatable which platform is more secure. Nevertheless, I think the iPhone SE 2nd generation is a good phone.

  12. I’ve had a iPhone for years but it kept freezing and forcing updates when a new model came out, so I decided to switch to android December 2017. My husband and kids are diehard android fans that helped my decision to try it. The iPhone is user friendly and it took time for me to learn android functionality but I love it now- Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. The battery life is excellent and camera is fantastic for a single lens camera. Google assistant is just as good a Siri. I still have my same phone with no issues and compatible with my Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Gear 3 (watch). I am now an Android fan.

  13. Hi Marvin, thanks for all the information. It was very helpful. I’m about to make the change from iphone to android. I live in a rural area, coverage is not always dependable and my phone has stopped ringing arbitrarily (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t and doesn’t show a missed call). Since I’m with a major carrier, I don’t think it’s them, but my phone is 3 years old so…I found an article that discussed the antenna structure in phones and rated them. Samsung had the best antenna design and therefore stronger reception. I’m going to give the android a whirl after being an iphone user for several years. Your blog laid out the pros and cons very clearly and helped me make the final decision. Thanks again

  14. Marvin, thank you for your unbiased approach to this inquiry as to which platform is better! I’ve always enjoyed the ease of use of my android, but until I actually own a iPhone I will forever be wondering about my own personal preference! I’ve always heard “experience is the best teacher”,
    so I’m leaning towards taking the plunge and switch to an iPhone! Plus, my daughter has been
    trying to get me to change! Your input has been enlightening! THANKS!

  15. Hi Marvin, thanks for sharing your expert knowledge. I was a diehard Windows Phone enthusiast until Microsoft pulled the plug on it. I’ve used both android & iPhone and am currently using an iPhone 7 Plus which I purchased new last November at a great price. In the past I have preferred android – I found iPhone to be lacking in features & somewhat boring. Since using the 7 Plus, I’ve come to appreciate iPhone a lot more. Yes, iphones are expensive but they’re reliable, have consistently bright screens, are easy to use, don’t lag, get system & security updates quicker and for longer, hold their value more than android, are probably on balance more secure even now in 2020 PLUS I find that apps are far better optimised for iPhone than android. When I pick up an android phone nowadays it just feels amateurish by comparison to the more professional iPhone. That’s just my thoughts. Thanks for a great website Marvin – big shout out from the south-west of England!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Al, you said “When I pick up an android phone nowadays it just feels amateurish by comparison” are you referring to the flagship phones or the mid-range phones?

  16. Hi Marvin,

    I have a tracfone and looking to buy a good phone. I don’t use the phone often so what would be the best phone to buy android or a iphone and what series?

    • Hello Barbara,

      What type of features would you like to have on the phone? Are you looking for a phone that you plan on using primarily for talking and texting? Or would you prefer to have a phone with all the latest features?

  17. There’s a bigger selection of accessories. Walk into any Best Buy or Target, and you’ll find aisles of cases for every iPhone that Apple makes — something that certainly cannot be said for the Android contingent outside of flagship devices from the biggest companies. Once you get past the semi-healthy selection of products made for the latest Galaxy S device, you’re out of luck. Don’t bother expecting a choice of accessories for your new Pixel or LG handset at any brick-and-mortar retailer. Sure, you could go online and snag a $4 case off of Amazon, but then you’re guaranteed to get what you pay for.

  18. Hi Marvin,
    I started a new job and need a reliable phone to use in the field. I am considering an Android. I plan on using this for company programs which are compatible with Android phones as well as iphones. The programs include documents that need to be signed virtually. I also will be using my Dell laptop and plan on getting an ipad in the future. I don’t play any games, which I am told need a lot of memory and processor capability. My question – do I need a minimum range of memory and does it matter which processor the phone has. Will an Android sync with my Dell? Coworkers have told me the docs saved on the ipad work fine with their Android and laptops. I currently use an old blackberry, and need your opinion please, I feel like I’ve been in first grade when it comes to cell phones and most others are in grad school. Thank you! Sue

    • Hi Sue,

      I think you’re asking me whether you need a premium phone or a mid-range phone? I think a good mid-range phone would work well for you. An Android phone will sync just fine with your Dell computer, you can also use an iPad for this like your coworkers suggested. If you get a decent mid-range phone that was made within the past year or two that’s fast and responsive it will work just fine, there’s no need to worry about the processor. I would recommend a phone such as the Samsung Galaxy A71 if you’re not sure what phone to get.

  19. i just ordered an iphone xr from amazon but then i saw an ad fr the damsung ga;xy a71 5g . i am consdering cancelling my iphone order to buiy the samsung . i currently havea iphone 6s plys which styill works great. wpould you make the switch from the iphone xr tpo the samsung galxy . and\y opinions from anyone would be appreciated

  20. Hello Mr.Perry,
    I just found this article by you today some how. I asked a question about the difference of the android and iPhone and your answer popped up and was amazing. The way you presented the information made it so very easy to read and understand. I have a very old iPhone5 SE. I need and want a new phone but it has taken me so long to figure out how to use this one. I am a little concerned I will be lost with a new one. Do you have a blog on how to use an upgraded phone?
    Thank you for this great article. I read that someone was able to book mark this article I don’t even know how to do that with this phone. So I will just write down the email address. Thank you for taking the time to do this article for an old lady who it took a year to learn how to text after I was sent the phone.

    • Hello Ms. Kindrat,

      I’m glad you found this information useful, however, I do not have any content that explains how to use an upgraded phone due to the fact that the features on a new phone vary from one phone to the other. However, I think you should get an upgrade, after buying your new phone you should do some research to find out about all the features of the phone.


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