AMOLED Burn In Fix For Your Display Screen


In this brief blog post, I will tell you what is AMOLED burn in and I will give you an AMOLED burn in fix that you can use if you are currently experiencing this problem.


AMOLED Burn In Fix

What Is AMOLED Burn In?


AMOLED burn-in aka screen burn-in aka ghost image are common names that have been given to a permanent blemish on the display screen of a smartphone.


What Causes AMOLED Burn In?


AMOLED burn in is usually caused by irregular pixel usage. The extended use of static images has the potential to create a permanent shadow of that image on the display screen.


The AMOLED burn in occurs when phosphor components that transmit light to produce images lose their intensity due to prolonged use.


This results in an AMOLED burn in image that will be visible on the display screen at all times.


How Often Does This Problem Occur?


This problem occurs quite often, most of the time it occurs it’s usually on an AMOLED display screen.


However, it also happens on LCD display screens as well. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing this problem, you should know that there is a solution.


There is a way to restore the quality of the image on your display screen to the way it was when you first started using the phone.


AMOLED Burn In Fix:


There are a number of apps available in the Google Play Store that can reduce or completely stop the problem.


However, you must get an app that’s compatible with the type of display screen that’s on your phone.


AMOLED And OLED Display Screens:


OLED Tools - AMOLED Burn In Fix
OLED Tools


OLED TOOLS is compatible with AMOLED and OLED display screens. If you have an AMOLED or an OLED display screen you can give this app a try.


LCD Display Screens:


LCD Burn In Wiper - AMOLED Burn In Fix
LCD Burn In Wiper


LCD Burn-in Wiper, if you have a phone with an LCD display screen you can give this app a try.




If you don’t like either of these apps you can always find another app in the Google Play Store.


The burn in fix is a simple process, a progression of primary colors will be displayed on your phone which will restore the burnt pixels to their original state.


Now You Know How To Fix AMOLED Burn In:


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


If you had this problem and you were able to fix it please let me know what app you used in the comment section below.



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