AARP Phones For Seniors & AARP Cell Phone Plans

If you’re a senior who would like to save some money on a phone you may be interested in the AARP phones.

AARP Phones For Seniors


AARP discounts provide a great way for seniors to save money on a number of things including phones.


People who are over 50 years old are eligible to apply for an AARP membership. Seniors who receive the AARP discount will be able to choose from a wide range of AARP approved cell phone plans, discounts, and phones.


What Is AARP?


AARP is an acronym for the American Association of Retired Persons. This is a nonprofit organization that has been providing a large number of benefits to its members.


AARP’s main office is located in Washington D.C and it was established in 1958. The primary goal of this organization is to support the interests of people who are 50 years old and up.


AARP promotes a number of products and services with great benefits for seniors and it aims to improve their lives.


In the process, this organization has also become one of the main sources of valuable information in regard to the needs and discounts that are available for seniors.


How Much Does An AARP Membership Cost?


The standard AARP membership fee per year is $16, whether you’re joining or renewing. You can save some money on your membership fees by signing up for Auto-Renewal, this will cost $12 for the first year. You can also save money by signing up for a longer-term of membership.


Why Does AARP Offer Phones?


Cell phones have become a necessity for many people in our society today because they provide a convenient way for us to stay in touch with our friends and relatives especially in the event of an emergency.


AARP works with several cell phone carriers to provide phones for seniors. Some of these phones can be purchased at a discount while others are free.


There are also some cell phone carriers that provide discounts on phones for seniors.


What Are Some Of The AARP Benefits?


Some of the AARP benefits include car rentals, movie tickets, vacation packages, restaurants, and health insurance plans, in addition to other items such as cell phones.


In addition, the AARP is also helping seniors to handle their financial security, the cost of their healthcare as well as community involvement.


Members have the ability to choose from a wide variety of AARP phone plans that were specifically designed for seniors from popular brands.


Are The Prices Of The Phones And Plans Fixed?


No, the AARP discounts may change at any time, the cell phone carriers have the ability to change the plans and the prices at any time. Now I will give you a list of some phones for seniors that are currently available.


Cell phone carriers such as AT&T, GreatCall, Consumer Cellular, Cricket Wireless, and Sprint have special plans that provide discounts exclusively for AARP members.


AARP Phones For Seniors:


Phones & Deals From GreatCall:


GreatCall is a cell phone carrier that provides Jitterbug phones for seniors. Jitterbug does not offer as many phones to choose from as the other carriers on this list.


Nevertheless, the Jitterbug phones were specifically designed for seniors and they offer some great features that most seniors appreciate having on their phones.


There’s no age requirement to qualify for the GreatCall cell phone service. However, the phones are excellent for seniors who would like a simple service plan which can be used for emergencies, traveling, and low volume calling.


GreatCall provides excellent 24-hour customer support that can give directory assistance, add names to your contacts in addition to a number of basic services, and make phone calls.


GreatCall offers Prepaid Plans/Pay As You Go Plans which can be a great option for seniors who need a cell phone for basic communication and emergencies.


Some of the features may be subject to additional fees. However, these Pay As You Go Plans are excellent because they are economical and they do not require credit checks or yearly contracts.

GreatCall AARP Phones


It’s relatively easy for seniors to apply for GreatCall phones. Seniors who are interested must be active AARP members.


Seniors who are ready to get a phone can do so via the GreatCall website or by calling them.


GreatCall Phones


Phones & Deals From Consumer Cellular:


A popular cell phone carrier that offers phones and discounts for seniors is Consumer Cellular.


The Consumer Cellular AARP phone plans start at $10 per month. Additionally, Consumer Cellular also offers Doro senior-friendly cell phones.


AARP members get a 5% discount on their cell phone plan and fees and a 30% discount on cell phone accessories.


AARP members can ask for an extension of the money-back guarantee for up to 45 days. AARP members can choose the appropriate discounted plan based on their budget and phone usage.


The Consumer Cellular cell phone plans start at $10 per month for the Anywhere Casual plan.


There’s also the Anywhere 2000 plan which costs $60 per month, this is the most expensive plan.


What distinguishes one plan from the other is the number of minutes available on each plan. Seniors must choose the right phones for their preferred plan.


The Consumer Cellular phones are sold at affordable prices. For example, the Consumer Cellular Link flip phone is a simple flip phone that’s ideal for anyone who wants a phone for talking and texting, this phone costs $30.


Consumer Cellular AARP Phones


Seniors who are looking for an economical basic smartphone for talking, texting, video chatting, and sending emails should consider the ZTE Avid 559 smartphone, this phone costs $50.


Consumer Cellular Phones


Phones & Deals From AT&T:


AARP members can get a 10% discount on cell phone services from AT&T, however, this discount does not apply to AT&T’s unlimited plans, shared plans, and overages charges that have data packages under 300 MB per month.


AT&T AARP Phones


AARP members will also get a 15% discount on some cell phone accessories. AT&T offers a wide variety of phones to choose from. There are a number of basic flip phones available such as the Alcatel Smartflip as well as premium smartphones such as the iPhone X.


AT&T Phones


Phones & Deals From Cricket Wireless:


Cricket Wireless is a popular cell phone carrier that offers some great discounts to AARP members. All AARP members who buy a smartphone from Cricket Wireless will get a $20 Visa promotional card.


There is a set of simple instructions that AARP members must follow to acquire a Visa promotion card via mail-in rebate.


To qualify for this offer, AARP members must buy a phone from Cricket Wireless exclusive online shops, retail shops, authorized dealers, or stores.


You must fill out and postmark the Cricket Wireless rebate form within 60 days of the phone’s activation.


AARP members must stay active throughout the rebate processing time. New Cricket Wireless customers will be eligible at the time they purchase their first phone while the pre-existing customers will qualify when they upgrade their phones every 2 years.


To every AARP phone deal, there will be as many as 5 lines of service to one AARP member ID.


How To Qualify For Cricket Wireless AARP Mail-In Rebates:


You should be an active AARP member by the time your rebate is processing. You can get your AARP phone from corporate stores, the Cricket Wireless website, or exclusive retail stores.


However, you cannot get your phone from Target or Walmart because they do not offer this discount or Cricket Wireless phone service.


If you activate a second line, you must make the 2nd monthly payment in 45 days from the day you activated the line to qualify for the offer.


You should postmark the rebate form along with the duplicate of the cell phone sales receipt and proof-of-purchase or IMEI label within 60 days of the phone’s activation.


You should get a copy of the Cricket Wireless AARP rebate form. It may take up to 8 weeks for you to acquire the Cricket Visa Promotion Card.


This offer is not available to people in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Miami-Dade Country, Fl.


Cricket Wireless AARP Phones


You can choose from a wide variety of phones from the iPhone 6s to the Motorola moto g7 SUPRA.


Cricket Wireless Phones


Phones & Deals From Sprint:


AARP members can get a discount on their phones and plans from Sprint. To do this you must fill out the form for the Sprint discount to verify your qualification to receive the discount.


If Sprint believes that you are eligible, you will be asked to get a copy of the document that proves you are an AARP member.


To get the Sprint discount you will have to sign a 2-year service contract. However, AARP members are not the only ones who get discounts from Sprint.


Sprint AARP Phones


Military personnel, AAA members, members from various credit unions, UPS employees, and Costco employees will get discounts.


The discounts offered here on the phones will help seniors save money on their phones as well as their monthly phone bills, Sprint offers a wide variety of phones from a number of different manufacturers.


Sprint Phones


Now You Know Everything You Need To Know About AARP Phones:


The cell phone carriers listed above offer some of the best services available for AARP members. Now you must choose the best phone and phone plan to suit your needs.

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