T-Mobile Will Have The Nation’s First 5G LTE Service


In an effort to advance their position as a cell phone service provider T-Mobile is planning to launch a 5G LTE service. T-Mobile has recently announced its plans to build out its next-generation wireless networking via the radio airwaves that they recently purchased in a government auction.


T-Mobile's 5G LTE


The main focus of T-Mobile’s 5G network will be to provide its users with a broader coverage area across the country, no necessarily faster LTE speeds. With a 5G service, the general public would expect it to be faster than their current 4G speeds.


However, with the implementation of the 5G service, T-Mobile has stated that users can expect a stronger signal everywhere and the ability to manage multiple devices beyond the cell phone.


Jan Dawson who is an analyst at Jackdaw research made the following statement. “There’s a certain irony in T-Mobile taking an approach which could see it lead in coverage but lag in speed over time, given that it has until now been known for the opposite — a fast but far from ubiquitous network.”


The 5G LTE service will be more efficient and it will work better for playing video games and streaming video. T-Mobile has also stated that they plan to provide a higher-band spectrum that will cover major cities and offer higher speeds in certain areas.


Verizon has stated that T-Mobile’s news is a public relations stunt. A Verizon spokesperson made the following statement “Rather than compete by doing, some prefer to compete with tweets and PR.”


Some of the benefits of the 5G service will include a high level of responsiveness which will allow you to perform surgery with no lag or to remotely pilot a vehicle. You will also have the ability to connect different devices based on their needs.


“We expect to see a whole class of new applications and solutions that will be built for nationwide 5G, and today’s applications will just work better and faster,” said T-Mobile’s CTO Neville Ray. What are your thoughts about T-Mobile’s 5G service? Please let me know in the comment section below.



  1. Hi, Marvin, and thank your for the article.

    Because I don’t live in the States, I am pretty curious to know how big are the benefits. I just read that here where I live (in North Europe), they will plan to launch 5G somewhere in 2018 and then only in a capital city. That’s why a nationwide 5G is very impressive. Wow!

    However, what do you think, sir, how much an average Joe would benefit from 5G?

    Thank you,


    • Thanks for the feedback Egon, I think everyone will benefit from 5G whether or not it will be faster than 4G is debatable. However, with 5G you will have a stronger signal in more places, so that’s a huge plus.

  2. Great article on 5g and T-Mobile’s efforts to get that going! We all are addicted to data these days, that’s for sure!

    I know I am definitely looking forward to this evolution in our wireless services.

    I am already using 5g in my home/office. This technology is available to the consumer currently! You can get 5g speeds by using a wireless router that you can purchase online or at big box stores like Best Buy.

    Most newer phones will allow you to connect to a 5g wireless network, and I do so regularly. The difference it makes to me is incredibly fast download speeds and very low lag time!



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