5G Conspiracy Theories, Facts And Myths You Decide…


There are quite a few people who believe that 5G is a weapon that will be used to control us and make us sick. Are these 5G conspiracy theories or 5G facts, you can decide for yourself after reading this blog post.


5G Conspiracy Theories Or Facts

5G Conspiracy Theories:


Conspiracy theorists have been making some serious claims in regards to the dangers of 5G technology.


Conspiracy theorists have also made some of the same claims about Wi-Fi as well. You’re probably wondering what are these claims? Well, here they are:


  1. The deployment of 5G technology will be used as a weapon for global population control. To reduce the number of people in the world and control the people who remain.
  2. The 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bands which are used for the 5G technology is the same unlicensed band in which microwave ovens used for cooking.
  3. Some people believe that babies who are exposed to 5G will develop autism.
  4. One of the theories is that the 5G millimeter band is powerful enough to boil the water molecules in the human body. And this frequency was chosen to make everyone sterile.
  5. Another popular theory is when iPads are used in conjunction with 5G technology the emissions will sterilize the user. So we should not allow our children to go to schools that provide iPads for learning purposes.


5G Millimeter Waves:

5G Millimeter Waves

We have been hearing quite a few things about the 5G Millimeter Waves which is between 24 GHz and above.


Many conspiracy theorists say that these high-frequency 5G Millimeter Waves are only capable of traveling short distances.


As a result of this, we will need lots of small 5G cell towers everywhere to make this work.


The conspiracy theorists claim that this will lead to significantly higher levels of radiation outside and within our homes if we get the 5G service.


They have also stated that these Millimeter Waves will be just about everywhere and we will not be able to avoid them and this will ultimately result in higher rates of cancer.


If any of those conspiracy theories are true, you must learn to protect yourself from 5G.


Protecting Yourself From 5G:


Trifield TF2 - Protecting Yourself From 5G
Trifield TF2 EMF Meter

Some of the conspiracy theorists have also given some tips on what you can do to protect yourself from 5G. Here are some of the tips you can use to protect yourself:


  • Do no get 5G services in your home, use a wired internet connection instead.
  • Measure EMF levels with an EMF Meter and make sure they are safe.
  • Get plants in your home that increase the oxygen levels.
  • Paint the house you’re living in with lead paint.
  • Continue to educate yourself on the topic of 5G.
  • Eat a healthy diet.


Smartphones have become extremely popular within the past few years. This is due to all the features and functionalities that a modern-day smartphone possesses.


As a result of this, conspiracy theorists claim that A modern-day smartphone with all the latest features and functionalities paired with the extremely fast 5G internet speeds will lead to many more smartphones and other wireless devices everywhere.


The increased emissions from all these additional devices will also increase the health risks.


Conspiracy Theories Or Facts?


Another popular conspiracy theory is that the real purpose of 5G is a weapon against the population which will be used to monitor and control everyone and give us cancer.


Conspiracy theorists believe that this is part of a fascist conspiracy to control us and depopulate the earth.


Government and big businesses have lied to us in the past because if they had told us the truth it would have negatively affected their revenue.


They have lied to us about oil, tobacco, and quite a few other things. There may be some truth to the argument that the long-term effects of 5G Millimeter Waves on our health is unknown.


And it will probably remain unknown until some years after it has been deployed.


However, conspiracy theorists claim that the government and big businesses already know the truth and they are hiding it from us.


5G technology is still in its infancy and if it’s dangerous we all deserve to know the truth about it.


But I’m not sure I believe the conspiracy theory that 5G technology will be used for population control.


These conspiracy theories have been coming from both sides of the political spectrum.


Some conspiracy theorists are on the extreme left while others are on the extreme right.


The people on the extreme left believe that 5G is being used to create a fascist state and that the government will do whatever the big businesses want.


While there are some people on the extreme right who believe that 5G is a tool for the socialists.


5G Facts And Myths:


If you have any comments or questions about the information provided here please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Do you believe these are 5G facts or myths?


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  1. We are all currently locked down by our own governments in fear of dying from a “new” virus, I’m beginning to lean with the conspiracy theorists, Bill Gayes, Dr. Gauci Pirbright institute, John Hopkins…strange connections.

  2. Paint your house with lead paint, get lead poisoning a known health risk, whereas no scientific evidence by way of peer reviewed research has indicated that 5g poses any health risks.

    Governments and big business do lie but conspiracy theorists lie even more and seem to line their pockets to (TV appearances, T shirts and public speaking.

    Trust the science its what we know make our smart phones work

      • Thats Not True. You will certainly get lead poisoning if you „eat the paint“. But you also get it from accumulating lead in your blood wich is i.e. in cases of inhaling dust from painted surfaces a matter of months and years, wich just means that it just takes longer for effects such as neurological damage, to kick in. You also accumulate lead in your Body through skin contact wich also is something that easily happens of your place is covered in lead paint… your statement is not only untrue but dangerously so.

    • I grew up with lead.. paint, wheel weights, bullets, fish sinkers… I have never been poisoned?? I was never stupid enough to eat it?! More gov BS….

  3. Where is the scientific proof? Where is the actual proof?
    Those of us who remember times like the 70’s and 80’s will remember these.

    Microwave ovens will kill you. They emit far much more radiation than X Ray machines. If you stand in front of one when it is on you will allow radiation into your body. If you eat food cooked or warmed in one you will allow radiation into your body. Governments are using microwave technology as a way of controlling the population numbers.

    Analogue mobile phones. (80’s). If you use an analogue mobile, the radio waves will fry your brain. They cause brain tumours as they pump far more radiation into your brain than is safe. If you put your phone in your pocket it will make you sterile – population control.
    Digital Networks (80’s & 90’s) Digital networks are a tool to control the population. They are sending radio waves through the air to make us ill and control the numbers. They are also using it to control where you go, spy on you, listen to your conversations. and on it goes 3G/4G. Yet here we are lived through all that and absolutely smashing it.

    If you believe that all this tech is a way of controlling the population by Governments, openly, publicly challenge them with your actual proof and not just scare mongering mumbo jumbo.

    Religion was the only population controlling mechanism to be put into place. Get a grip!!!

      • I understand you are being polite thanking this gentleman however he didn’t share any info! I’d like to see his “proof” that none of the things he listed haven’t had a negative effect on humanity

    • And who do you think is controlling the masses through religion? The one percent.
      Why are they not telling us the COVID 19 virus is airborne? Because they (government officials, media, etc.) don’t want to cause a mass, mass hysteria

  4. Government can not be trusted, I’ll admit that but 5Gers are not using sound science. Their theory has fundamental flaws in it. Flaw one: 5G has not been installed every where and you can google 5G towers sites. So where there are no 5G towers you should not have any COVID cases. That is not the case. Flaw two: If the patients are really suffering from radiation poisoning and not a viral infection then why haven’t the patients been treated with known radiation remedies such as iodine therapy and wear lead padded protective gear. I interviewed medical professionals in NYC and none of them are using radiation protocols to treat COVID patients. They insist its a viral infection but doubt its a natural occurring virus. Third flaw: If 5G was emitting dangerous levels of radiation that have birds dying then that harmful effects would not be limited to just birds. You should see other mammals dropping as well. In the same realm of logic. Since when is radioactivity selective? In NYC where there is over 8.5 million people, if 5G was radiating the city everyone outside would be exposed and fall ill, not just the elderly or young children. Radiation poisoning attacks soft tissue in all ages. Flaw four: Radiation poisoning symptoms are fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from anus, and in your stool, fatigue, and develop tumors. COVID patients do not exhibit these symptoms except for fever. Scrutinize everything, including conspiracy theories.

    • Explain how there are books and films depicting the virus year prior to its arrival…name date and origin. Someone knew something was coming…

      • Because a couple of other very similar viruses and a few new flu viruses from nearby nearly did the same thing in the last few decades?

    • @ True Jedi: To begin with, I don’t really believe G5 is causing the COVIS disease. But you need to keep your argument clean. Not all radiation is radio active. Hell, visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, for that matter. There is no radioactivity going on with G5 or any wireless technology for that matter. So using lead padded gear would be stupid!
      The health risks people are talking about is not the kind of radiation poisoning you get at say Fukushima or Tjernobyl. The health risks with wireless technologies, 5G most of all, have to do with other biological influences they have on us. One of them for instance is that it enhances the cellular calcium influx. That has been researched and published at PubMed. A larger calcium influx is not good. There are a few more scientifically documented effects from these radiations that are probably not good for our health. Actually the army has been developing crowd dispersal technologies using the same frequencies 5G will be using. People don’t start running away when hit by these frequencies because they start feeling really very uncomfortable. That probably means it’s not really safe. Of course they use much higher intensity but we don’t know what it does on low intensity exposure for long periods (like permanent).

    • One scenario I read goes as follows: For years, the residue from chem-trails ( aluminum nano-particles) have been absorbed by humans by breathing them in. When 5G networks were rolled out in Wuan it reacted with these nano-particles & caused changes in the physiology of the people that lived there and created a virus like entity. Once the virus spread from human to human, we ended up with the Covid-19 situation. Don’t shoot the messenger; I am just passing along what I read. 🙂 One link to explore: https://crazzfiles.com/covid-5g-chemtrail-syndrome/

    • Thats easy to do…based on the frequency of your viruses..the young fellow Bill Gates was able to seemingly predict …THERE ARE WORSE VIRUSES AND DISEASES COMING THAN BLACK PLAGUE AND COVID 19…..

  5. People who believe in conspiracy theories of this kind have probably smoked too much Cannabis and are suffering from paranoia. They are not thinking straight.

  6. There will always be people making unfounded, unscientific, allegations about new technology simply because it is new.

    Critics of early steam-spewing locomotives thought “that women’s bodies were not designed to go at 50 miles an hour,” and worried that “[female passengers’] uteruses would fly out of [their] bodies as they were accelerated to that speed”.

  7. Those of us that have been around long enough (as one post pointed out) have heard all this nonesense over and over. People should trust peer reviewed science and take a step back to realize how ridiculous and elaborate these plans are. I call it the Bond Villan test: would it have been easier to sterilize or control the population without building a multibillion dollar network that just happens to speed up your data speed and keep hundreds of conspirators quiet and documents hidden? Would it have been a lot easier to fake a gas explosion in building seven or plant WMDs in Iraq then convince extremist to fly into the buildings and again keep hundreds of conspirators quiet and documents hidden. Secondly beware of people who ask you to prove a negative. Can you prove my ridiculous theory isn’t true? No, nobody can prove a negative that’s why we prove hypotheses. If you don’t trust peer reviewed science then at least show us your own expeeiments or data or proof. Oh that’s right, “they” have scrubbed the earth of proof and killed all the conspirators that’s why you can’t provide any of this nonesense. Us Luminaty have kids, family and friends we love too so we wouldn’t do all this. Or would we??? Bahahahaha (evil laugh)

  8. Dan – I’ll just comment on the part about just sterilizing or controlling the population without such a network. I won’t go into whether the conspiracy theories are wrong or right, but I do believe you’re not necessarily entirely correct about that one.
    That implies doing it to vast numbers of a population which WILL BE FULLY AWARE OF IT TAKING PLACE. THAT’S what they would need to control first and foremost: the ignorance of the population in order to carry out their hideous plans.
    I won’t entirely reject such an idea, since history has shown all to well, what humans are able to do to one another for their own benefit… hopefully we can all stay free and safe in a foreseeable future, however.

  9. Check out this video series made by dr Buttar who understands the science, it starts with covid 19 info in part 1-3, part 4 is about EMF studies and 5g. Really good watch as he shows research and gives many examples of mis information in the media. https://youtu.be/jZ3rh0JRuIo

  10. I live in Tulsa OK. These 5G towers are everywhere AT&T is my carrier. My iPhone has 5G in the left corner with 4bars 4th bar being longest

  11. In the UK 5G will use the 700MHz band (amongst others). This was used initially for digital television, which has now moved. Transmitter powers in in the range of 5Kw upto 100Kw.
    The 5G mast have transmitter powers in the 10’s of watts, or less.
    Nobody worried about the transmissions when their favourite programme was on !

  12. Just question yourself why has it always been divide and rule policy of governments. Divide the left and right opinions and there the government wins. The people are already controlled. Even if you tried you are weak. You will be jailed and locked away or assassinated. Governments are puppets acting on behalf of the handful of powerful people who.have money and a cult pacing the way for the deceiver anti christ. They will achieve this by any means necessary. Your life and money cannot help you. This is the armagedan. The world is coming to an end. There will be a meteriod. Search it research it. Scientists must obey laws. They are told what to say if they dont they are killed. Research it. All governments are given funds by the world bank and other larger incorporation such as WHO. Research it. Anytime ask questions dont just accept it.

  13. NEVER in my whole life have I come across such a load of utter RUBBISH talked by these braindead conspiracy Nutters !! they do not even understand the science. Idiots !!!

    get a life if you can .


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