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Creating A Successful App

Creating A Successful App

If you want to create a good and successful app, you will need to do some work before jumping into this field. Due to the fact that it requires some effort and know-how to create a successful app amongst...
Why Is Android Better Than Apple?

Why Is Android Better Than Apple?

For the year 2021, Apple's iPhone range advanced by introducing new hardware and software resources such as fast charging, a particular instance of the iPhone X, and a high-resolution AMOLED screen. Simultaneously, iOS 11 brought additional enhancements to Apple's...
How To Charge Your Phone Faster

Battery Charging Tips For Android Phones

Smartphone technology has come a long way within the past few years. Smartphone manufacturers have been struggling to increase the battery capacity in their phones while keeping the phones thin and aesthetically pleasing.   Nevertheless, most smartphone users are always looking...
FaceTime On Android

Is FaceTime On Android Possible?

No, it's unfortunate that Facetime on Android is not possible because Apple developed this popular video chatting app to be used exclusively on Apple devices. If you're an old iPhone user who switched to Android but enjoys using Facetime you...
What Is VoIP

What is VoIP And How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP gives us the ability to use traditional telephone services via computer networks. In this brief blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about VoIP.   What Is VoIP?   VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, this refers...
Top Technology Gadgets For College Students

Top Technology Gadgets For College Students

College students can enjoy using modern technology, such as laptops and smartphones. These gadgets can be helpful when students need to get information online to complete their homework, submit an assignment on time, and maintain their academic performance.     Some students...
Tablet Holder For Bed

Go Hands Free With A Phone Or Tablet Holder For Bed

Most of us today are using our devices for a multitude of different purposes. Some devices may only be reserved for work, while others may be exclusively reserved for entertainment. For some, it’s helpful to make the distinction between a...
Best Finance Management Apps For Android And iPhone

Best Finance Management Apps For Android & iPhone

No matter how the economy is doing, people around the country all seem to struggle with their finances in one way or another.     In the second U.S. Financial Health Pulse Report, it was revealed that 70% of all Americans are...

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